About Partake

For years, I daydreamed about starting my own business. By the end of 2021, I realized it was now or never. While I didn't know exactly what my venture would be, I was certain it would involve my love for all things self-care, baths and skincare.

As a bath enthusiast with sensitive skin, I struggled to find products that were both luxurious AND gentle on my skin (and 'other' sensitive areas).

I found most of the gentler options were either mundane or designed for children. Frustration led me to my kitchen, where I started crafting my own bath formulations.

Months of research and experimenting revealed the soothing and hydrating benefits of incorporating gentle, face-worthy skincare into my bath ritual.

That's what inspired the idea for Partake -- a line of gentle bath soaks designed for discerning adults with sensitive skin who want to partake in a luxurious self-care experience.

Two years later, driven by my commitment to helping others partake in more self-care and be kinder to their skin, I launched my Luxury Skincare Bath Soak!

Welcome to Partake, a luxurious invitation to pamper yourself, and your skin.

Thanks for being here,

Nicole Campbell - Founder

Discover our first-of-its-kind foaming skincare bath soak crafted with super humectant Beta Glucan and other clean, gentle, face-worthy ingredients.